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June 25, 2008


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ROFLMAO!!! Thanks :-) Thanks for the laugh and the attack lhasa ;-)


LOVE the cats face. He was really disgusted about that dog, wasn't he? He's saying ....."GROW UP!!"


That's hilarious... Love the 'sentry'... and now I'm waiting to hear from Rico's union representative about the incident. LOL!


Bahahaha. Thats so funny. I never got to see these pictures. :/
I love Brody. :]


LOL! Hilarious. I hope Cesar is able to help ;o)


Judy, that's exactly what he said. Cat's know these things. that's why we don't need a Cat Whisperer. ;)

Janet, Anytime. ;) LOL! (it was one of those mornings...I just had to get it out).

Pam, The Sentry likes cats and can be relied upon to restore order to chaos at all costs. He has the scars to prove it.

BrittBritt, I took 80 pics! Had to edit more than half of 'em out.

Hi ya, Sharon. and welcome! I really love that show. I could watch the Dog Whisperer marathons on cable all day long. LOL!


Be afraid. LOL!

Did the book meme yesterday. It was fun. Thanks for the tag.


Too funny! Are you sure it wasn't just a plot by the cat to take over the house? Hmmmmmm


Why is it the cat is never listened to???

You made me laugh...good post!!


Good to see the Budinator keeping the peace.


Rico doesn't look pleased with all the commotion!

Buddy needs a cape - Wonderdog! ;)


haha that was great!

old horsetail snake

And a fine time was had by all, would be my guess.


Hoss, yep. until clean-up time. Then a fine time was not had by the teenagers.

Hey Seamus, that's my parent's cat, believe it or not! He does look a lot like Rico, even the coloring. I should have mentioned that in the post, sorry!

FC, you can always count on ol Buddy.

Swampy, where dogs rule, cats have to stand their ground to get a little respect. ;)

Gretchen, could be. I wouldn't put it past him.


I love how you caught the attacker in mid-air! Little dogs can be scary mean, especially to big dogs!

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