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June 11, 2008


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LOL!!! These are all so true.


Why DO umbrellas have a metal spike at the highest point??

The boat one is so true ... going to pick mine up from the repair shop right now ... $$$$

me & my puppies

Oh, I completely understand the whole tourists feeding the seagulls thing! What are they thinking? And even in Jersey it is better to have friends with a boat than to have one.


Yup! LOL!


I'd add the pronunciation of "Steinhatchee" to the list, too!

North Cuba, New Cuba...yeah, yeah, yeah...Do I need a passport to leave if I want to go north of Broward?? I'm sure you've heard by now that it's official - Spanish is now the #1 language spoken in South Florida. I am a minority. I'll be bringing the flag when I leave!


hahahaha. this was soo true.



Okeechobee: Oh kee cho bee
Kissimmee: kis sem ee (accent on the "sem"
Withlacoochee: withla coo chee (never heard of this one!)
Micanopy: My can oh pee (heheheh)

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