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June 28, 2008


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me and my puppies

I, for one, appreciate all the trouble you went through to get these photos. Nicely done.


YAY! Nicely done, especially spraying the cat and capturing the parrots! We too have colonies of them, but so far I've not been 'blessed' with any at the feeder.

Do you have a birdbath? Nothing visited my feeder until I got a bath for them! LOL!


Excellent! That blue jay is beautiful!
We don't get many parrots up here in nawth Florida of course, but that one is a beaut.
Tripod adaptability really is crucial isn't it?

What is up with whining during wildlife photography?
What's a few mosquito bites and malaria compared to the "perfect shot" ?


Pups, boy, was it a lot of work, LOL.

Pam, Yep. We have two birdbaths and the birds seem to prefer the one that is the most shallow of the two. I swiped the second one from a pair of renters that not only messed up our back yard, but also caused a lot of repair damage to the house. So when they left the birdbath behind, I put it in the truck and brought it all the way back home again. LOL!

FC, my thoughts exactly. I see the screen is back up on the window again, too. Oh the things we have to do to get a good shot!

old horsetail snake

This is one of the best b**gs I ever seen. Lovely picture, by the way, of the Blue Jay. You the maestro!!


Gorgeous pics! Loved the tale of their making.


I know it is frustrating, but we appreciate your efforts and the photos!


Judy, i'm not frustrated, just having fun with the blog. ;)

Thanks Sara!

Hoss, check's in the mail. ;)


I couldn't imagine anything as lovely and colorful as a parrot coming along! The yellow finches excite me...goodness.


Great shots!! I never knew they have red feathering on their feet.


The pictures are great!

We feed the squirrels and whatever else will eat the bread crusts (with traces of peanut butter from my 4 year old's sandwiches, lol) and heels (we don't eat bread heels here). We get jays (a family of 4, usually), 2 pairs of cardinals (they are sweet, the male feeds the female!), we've had a few visiting orioles, some starlings (yucky birds) and the resident fat cat (she reminds me of Zoey, begs for food from us, which we don't give since her owners requested we stop, lol) and she DOES eat the bread, too.

I had to laugh at your lens comment...and my mind went south of course...wondering why your zoom lenses (or as I call them "big lenses") needed condoms and had 2 boots. (I think I need some serious sleep!)


I can't believe it took so long for the birds to discover your feeder! Keep it up...more will come. The pictures you have so far are terrific! I love the parrot ones. I've never had them land in my yard, but just fly by at sunset. Very cool!

Sugar Britches

Great stuff! Our blue jays never leave and they chase off all of the other birds. They are huge bullies. And...they eat our dog's food right out of her bowl. They are nervy!


Parrots! I wish we got parrots at our feeder. We see a lot of brown, and our highlights are during migration.

Tip: If you want the good birds - you not only need the good food, you need the good feeders. If you get the good food and put it into a "neighborhood" feeder, it's a waste of money, so get a few fancy feeders that are specific to finches and will be hard for sparrows, etc. to get into - and put the good stuff in it. :D


ROFLMAO! I have a pair of cardinals, a pair of mourning doves and a pair of robins at my feeder, plus a gazillion sparrows, a red winged blackbird, a titmouse and some other bird that I have no clue what it is. Also a chipmunk and the other day...FOUR squirrels at the bottom of the feeder. It was like ring around the squirrels! I sicced Wolf on them. Bastids!


Congrats on the Perfect Post award!! :D


Happy Canada Day ... have a lil cake in celebration of a very important day ...


Your cat problem is the same as my cat problem.

We do have a blue jay nest way up high in the pine tree.
The parents don't like it when I get too close while hanging out the laundry.

It's good to see Nilbo come by. I already mentioned over at his place how long it has been since he wrote a nice long story for his adoring fans.


Haha. Thats soo funny! :D
I didn't realize that many birds were comin to our feeder thing. :]


Just a side note here for ya. I just checked out my "Remembering Old Miami" blog for the first time in quite a while. I responded to a couple of your comments. I really need to pay more attention to that blog. I feel like a neglectful parent :(

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