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June 23, 2008


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me and my puppies

Laura ~ My ex had, still has, a private airplane and was/is always flying around, here, there and everywhere. Want him? You can have him!!!


Pups, well thanks, but no, I really don't want a new hub. LOL! The old one I've got seems to be working out just fine. Actually I was hoping to find a good friend with a plane (a big luxury plane) so we can do what Jack and Morgan did in the movie!

How about that?

me and my puppies



I'll see it when it comes out on DVD. I guess it's pretty rational that they die in the end... but I hate sad endings. I'm into Disney movies... ;)


Psm, it's really not that sad of an ending, to be honest. We found ourselves laughing through some of it, although we did have the hankies out. But there's one final scene on the mountain, well there's a twist to it that will make you smile. ;)

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