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June 23, 2008


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Oh definitely.
Keep him down there.


He looks like one of the canal rats that live in my back yard.


Here, they call 'em "citrus rats." As if that's a more dignified term for rat.

Anyway, this lil squirrel was going after my bird feeder but gave up.


Aw, he's cute.


It's a squirrely squirrel! Love the...chair? Cast iron? Whatevs, it's lovely.

I just tagged you :-)


Judy, he's cute when he's not knocking down avocados from the tree....

Janet, it's the side of an old park bench. The bench fell apart, but I liked the side rails so much, I kept them. I just don't know what to DO with 'em yet! LOL
About your TAG, LOL.. the nearest book is the 2008 Consumer Reports Buying Guide. p 123 was all about printers. BORING. I'll go find the next nearest book and hit the meme tommorrow. ;)


aww hes so cute! <3

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