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June 02, 2008


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that's effed UP! Man, this just makes me more happy I live in the cold north :-)


Good God I'll never swim again! That just added to my OCD...LOL


OMG. I'd never heard of that before and we go swimming all the time in a lake in Highlands Co. that is always nice and warm. *GULP*

Do you mind if I post about it on my blog, too? That is seriously scary.


Swampy, sure thing! spread the word!

(laughing at Goldbloom, too.) It's enough to make me develop OCD!! LOL

Janet, just reading about it made me cringe. Especially when the article mentioned food cups!!


Oh, Lord, I love warm and hot water, but I may never get into it again.


...and we thought "Jaws" was bad!!!!


Yep, I agree with Ms. Goldbloom.


THAT little guy is why my kids grew up here at PFHQ without ever swimming in the warm shallow pond at the front of the property.
I've taught my students about the lake amoebas for two decades now, but I don't think they ever worry about it.

Mrs. FC just came from an epidemiology conference and says it's worse than she ever imagined.


Okay, now I'm really freaked out!!!


FC, can you share any of that information? I'd love to know what she learned at the conference!


"Victims usually die seven to 10 days after infection, although symptoms may not appear for up to 14 days."

Um... ok, I'm confused.

And I have a sudden urge to go home and scrub my bathtub, just in case.


O copied and pasted it to mail to Ralph. remember that deep pond he had dug on his property for the kids to swim in?


Well that was nice! I am glad our pond is still so cold now.


I think its time to update your blog posts :)


I agree with Sam!


They had a few deaths in Orlando from it. I remember in college I had a girlfriend who dated a guy who did a Peace Corps stint in some 3rd world country. She told me he got really sick, "He got amoebas". Some things you don't forget. Blech

Meanwhile, next time you go to Disney, all those lakes have signs that say not to swim. I just assumed it was amoebas. They used to have a Disney triathlon and imagine my horror when I realized they were swimming in THAT water. No more. They canceled it... many people got sick. I couldn't believe they had them swimming in that water... with the same signs that warned the public not to.

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