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July 27, 2008


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Oh yeah...I like that one! So true and yet I've never seen onw with the flag flying like that. Was it really in front of the church,or was it near something else and the camera angle made it look like that? Cute.


Thats cool lookin!


SwampAngel, the flag is actually part of a construction site for condos that looks like it was abandoned. The church is just behind the lot where the condos were supposed to go up, and there were a bunch of promotion flags still on the site.

I cropped this photo as I liked the effect. The white posts in the foreground are part of a dock that never went up.

I'll have more photos of the evening up soon. Just didn't have time to load them up today.

(thanks Britt. ;)


I'm seeing a giant robot head with a cross shaped antennae.


FC, well wait till you see the docks the robots built. LOL

Sandcastle Momma

What a cool picture! I love the way you got the open sign in front of the church. Very nice!


We should go in, don't you think?


Great picture!!! More, please? :D

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