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July 18, 2008


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Beautiful! Though I have no idea what kind of vine that is... that looks like a beautiful spot to unwind!


Pam, I call it stress relief. ;)

Sandcastle Momma

I don't know what it is but that vine is beautiful. I love the water lillies and would love to have a water garden but I'm pretty sure I'd end up with a mosquito garden instead LOL


Hrm, good question on the vine. I wish I knew. There are so many wonderful vines out there, I wish I grew them all!

We were at Selby last weekend. I'll probably post about that tonight.


Those lillies are so pretty. And so is the vine, but I have no idea what it is either.


I'm sorry to say I have never seen that vine. It's gorgeous! and so are the water lilies.


That's a rangoon creeper! YAYYYY I had fun looking!!!


Leanne, I think you might be right! what threw me is the description of the vine. It's classified as an invasive, and I was under the impression that the gardens was strictly native. Also, the petals look slightly different. I'll go over there tomorrow and take another look. Thanks for the tip!


I don't know it so it must not be native!
Purty tho.


Laura, I just saw your comment over at FCs. That link would be great and were the cabins that you stayed in nice? We're trying to pick somewere to go in October.


FC, if YOU don't know, it can't be native. LOL. I'm going over there this morning, hope to find out for sure.

Dani, I had an email about that also. up goes the post!

(October? oh myyy. There's no better time to visit!)


an alligator!!!

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