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July 16, 2008


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Buddy's so helpful :-)


'Move North' does it for me as well... ;)


Pam knows. ;)

Janet, where there is cake, yes.. he is helpful. ;)
(I added the rest of the post after your comment. Sorry!)


People moving to Florida just get no love from us natives.

old horsetail snake

Neat pic of ol' Cardinal there, Ms. Sea.


I'm thinking I missed your birthday ... or at least forgot that I commented ... since I have a few years on you.
Buddy seems like a very focused dog.

I've come to the conclusion that my wife's treadmill is really an expensive towel rack.

Sugar Britches

I cannot believe you're posting this today. I had to take my hubby to the ER at 4:00 this am so he could pass one. My God that is a painful thing to watch someone go through! I can't imagine doing it myself.


Sugar, my sympathies to your hub. I just cringed all over! Hope he's feeling better!

FC, if you forget my birthday for a few years, that's ok. That way, I won't age as fast. LOL.

Thanks, Hoss. ;)

Dani, I really don't mind newcomers, as long as they don't break into the "how we do it up north" spiral. But I think Florida is just too over-populated and I'm going to stop myself here before I launch into a long winded rant.
For starters, there's our water supply. Lake Okeechobee cannot withstand... oppps.
I'm stopping for real now!


Very good pix!!

Kim @ What's That Smell?

Buddy looks very soft and huggable!

Did he get to sample the cake!

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