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July 21, 2008


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but you know what...that picture were you meant to take a shot of kayakers but ended up with weeds? Is a GREAT shot!!! that a turtle egg protector?


Those are really nice shots...

I need a viewfinder... I've tried to use the little screen, but have the same problem with sunlight. ;)


I'll skip the puzzler due to my previous life.

Funny about being an odd number near 50... seeing the screen sharply can be a challenge.

The new Sony has a flipable screen to avoid that glare problem ... doesn't fix presbyopia tho.

The day of the SLR has passed. All hail the nifty P&S's!

Britt's going to have a blast with that camera.


Whatever you meant to shoot, the photos are really great!


GORGEOUS BEACHES!!! Ah...I miss home! I grew up near Gulf Shores, AL. Don't take them for granted. even though I'm from there, I'm not positive on my that a crab trap?



FC, seeing the screen was hard enough, but seeing the CONTROLS was a whole other story! I need glasses to view them! ohhhh.

Thanks Everyone! And Janet, I'll email you. :)


Wow, a cuisine option! That's so neat. I could have used that last week when I made cheesecake. I was so proud of how pretty it looked, but not one pic turned out good. @*@#$%!!!! Hope Brittany has alot of fun with her new camera. :)


Sara, I've always wanted to see the coastline near Alabama. Everyone says the beaches there are just gorgeous!
About the cage photo, I'll email you, too. ;)

Dani, I've had the same problem with food photographs. The lighting is usually a factor for me. I'm going to do some test shots with Britt's camera and see how that compares with my Canon.

Britt's been having a lot of fun with her cam, it seems. So far she's been taking a lot of shots of her and a gf jumping off the bed, into the air, with a wild look on their faces. The camera freezes the shot and makes themy look like they're from some other planet, which they probably are....


Sandcastle Momma

I bought a point and shoot for the beach and it has the same problem - you have to look at the screen for the shot and in the sun you can't see the screen. It's always interesting to come home and see what I actually got pics of LOL
I love the other features you mentioned though and it sounds like a great camera. I'm getting a new one soon and my main requirement is an eye sight to go along with the LED screen.
I only get 10 points for the mystery question. We don't have those here - they just rope off the area and then put up warning signs. Yours look much more secure. I wonder why we don't use them around here.


I love my camera!
Me and my friend were having a lot of fun thank you very much! :] And if I'm from another planet then you are to because you gave birth to me!


You have taken some great pictures with your new camera! I always carry a point and shoot camera with me as the SLR is too big to carry all the time, and often I just point and shoot as I cannot see the screen.


I had the same problem getting used to my newer model that didn't have the viewfinder. I don't really like that, because it's hard to see what you're you said, you just point and hope for the best.


I would get so aggrevated with the little point and shoot I got to just carry around that I would want to just throw it to the ground. To me it was, and is, sometimes harder to use than my SLR. I just am so used to manipulating and controling my own light, etc. But I am better now just pointing and shooting and not worrying about it now. It is actually liberating not having that big a** camera with me all the time. And the pictures are pretty darned good with the tiny ones!

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