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July 30, 2008


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knock on wood, yes ;-)


Do car repairs count?
$1400 on Katie's (mine until she pays for it) car.

Got a Kiwi made washing machine that is super so far!


I'm afraid to say, as talking about it usually means something else breaks!!


I'm ripping the peeling paint off the back of the house, if that tells you anything. Speaks volumes to *me* about the sad state of affairs here at the Cracker Box.

I'm a rusted car away from PWT status. Bring your washing machine over, we'll put it in the front yard and remove all doubt. ;)


The kitchen faucet drip is slowly driving me crazy.
I've learned that if I set it 'just so', the water comes out then hits in a place where it doesn't echo all over the stainless steel.
Husband has promised the last 3 weekends to fix it, but something else happens, so he doesn't get to it.

I might mention the piles of cat hair are also a problem, not that anything to do with them is broken.
Other than connecting my hand to the sweeper, that is.

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