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July 10, 2008


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So I searched up your blog thing on google and your the first one that came up! :]
Just thought you should know.
And it's about time you updated this thing Lol.
That was actually a fun day!
And a nice little summary of it on here. :D
But how rude you charge people to tell them how to get there. Especially for 20 bucks!


Awesome pics; love the beady eyes! It's weird, but 90% of our boating has been done over here and we never saw a porpoise... first time we rented a boat and tooled around in the gulf, there they were, like magic! It's so cool...!


holy SHITE that shark was big!

Happy Belated Birthday (what day?)...and that crab is scary, too! (i typed "crap" and thought about leaving it LOL!


Janet, leave it. although, I wouldn't know *which* crap you were talking about, LOL
Bday was on the first! I'm a cancer, like you. ;)

Pam, I've had the same problem with the manatees. I've only seen a manatee once in the entire time I've lived here.

Britt, 20 is a bargain! but it's free if they pay for gas. (g).


Great photos. That crab is butt-ugly!!


funny....I just read a story in Reader's inDigestion where a man was SAVED from a great white shark when dolphins surrounded him.

I love shelling on the gulf of Florida....I liked when we were at Marco Island. Each of the beaches had such a different variety of was neat. Hope to get there again SOON!


Linda, you might like Sanibel and Captiva islands, too.

They have the best shells on the East coast!

Rick and I saw a show on Discovery about a group of dolphins that saved a lifeguard and a group of teenagers by swimming around them, keeping the sharks at bay. Their sailboat had overturned and the sharks were closing in.
I think it was up near Maine, or else somewhere near coastal New England. When the sharks left, the dolphins swam away, leaving everyone to swim to shore in safety.

Judy, he is beautifully-challenged. ;)

me and my puppies

Sounds like a great place to visit, I'll pay for the gas and bring the wine coolers!


Great pics! It looks like you guys had a great time. I try to learn something new everyday, and today I learned the state bird. Geesh, and I always thought it was the mockingbird! D'uh!

Thanks for you comment today. It's so hard to make decisions about a creature that has been a part of your life for 12 years...a part of my family...I think I have decided that as long as she's happy and is having a good life, I'll take her (and the Big C) one day at a time.


Looks like you had a great time.

Check out my pix from the Keys:


So I'm reading along and come to the part about state birds.
So I move the pointer down a wee bit and think "all I see is a work crane" then comes your little pun and I feel like a doofus.

I'll still keep coming back to read, tho.

Florida and boat trips are so nice for leisure.

I cain't say the same about corn and soybean fields I drove through yesterday.


Happy Birthday Laura! Those lighting welks are so cool.


Pups, you're on! :)

Swampy, I think the cranes have overtaken the mockingbirds by a mile. lol.
As for your dog, that is such a difficult decision to have to make, and I can understand your decision entirely. As with Buddy, about all we can really do is enrich the quality of their lives on a daily basis. But it's very hard on us!

Joe, looked like a great trip to the Keys! I can't comment on your blog because the comment section is only open to google bloggers. The "open id" format didn't work for me, either. :(

Mrs. DoF. oh, you're not a doofus, LOL! And those of us who live here are so used to seeing the cranes that we're starting to take them for granted.

While out on the boat a few years ago, I was trying to photograph a scene in Clearwater harbor, and after awhile I realized I had spent the entire time trying to crop the cranes from the view finder. The harbor we were in was a circular inlet, and as I put the camera down and looked around, I realized there was a crane in place around the ENTIRE inlet. The building boom was insane.

In some ways, there is a postive side to the real estate market that has bottomed out. Fewer cranes = better photo ops.
It may be the *only* positive side, however.

And last but not least, Thanks Dani! :)

old horsetail snake

You're turning into quite a little outdoorsy girl, Ms. Keys. I enjoy stuff like this very much. Too bad I'm so far off your beaten track.....

Sandcastle Momma

Now how can you want to move North after such an incredible day? LOL Looks like ya'll had fun. We lived in Safety Harbor for awhile and loved the shelling in that area. It's gorgeous down there.


OH! I don't want to move up North myself, although I'm not so sure we'll be able to retire here. (have to see how that goes!)
But I think the Florida coast is too overcrowded. :)

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