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July 28, 2008


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oooh glad you got back ok! going to look at your flickr pics!


Tammi just told me that lemon grass repels skeeters, but it won't help you at the boat dock. Been there, done that, been eaten alive. ;)

Florida weather is different. Used to be you could take the boat out and know when you had to be back... but the afternoon boomers are virtually nonexistent now - it just rains - or rather, storms - any time at all. Boating has taken on a new element of danger.

Sandcastle Momma

We had an experience like your storm story once off of Key Largo. I was so sure the boat wasn't going to make it that I got the car keys out of my bag and held them in my hand. The Island King wanted to know why and I said "I don't think we're going to die but I'm pretty sure this boat is going down and when I get to land I'm going to want to get in my car and go home" LOL Luckily the boat made it but it was pretty scary for a while. Glad ya'll made it back ok! And you're right about the mosquitos. Seems like if we can send a man to the moon we could find a way to get rid of those mean little suckers! Obviously those who invented the Ipod don't live in Florida or they would have put their talents to better use LOL


Has it been a grey summer or what!?
Brett's kinda whiney ain't he?

Evening boat rides are suuuweeet!


Nice pictures over there on FlickR.
I wish I could take a boat out in the middle of the soybean field. It might give me the same feeling of wide open spaces.


Brett needs to stay in Green Bay. No Jets, no Vikings, only Packers. It wouldn't be right. Like when Emmitt went to the Cardinals.


Great pics!! The skeeters really are bad this year. My poor kid wants nothing to do with being outside right now, unless she has spray on. We've been using Kiss My Face, it works great, except it smells like we've been rolling around in rosemary.

me and my puppies

It’s amazing how many definitions of “fine” there are. Fine like in, well we might get hit by lighting. But people have been known to survive direct lighting hits. So I’m sure we will be fine. And then there my definition of fine, let’s get the heck out of here so I can hide under the covies where I know I will be fine. Men ~ what to do with them.

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