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July 14, 2008


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Yessssssss, ze Pledge shine is verrrrrry gooood slave Laura. You have done well with ze dusting, now get me my mouse toy and some catnip!!


That's hilarious; the shine looks like fangs.

Dr. Evil: "Mini-me, you complete me."

I don't know; just sounded funny in my head.


Muahaha! THIS is where I am eating from NOW ON! YOU, you human you...YOU will eat on the floor from that puny bowl!!! The time has come for Feline Dominance and it begins NOW!


And whatever you do, don't stare into his eyes....


I do not concur, and therefore, I will shoot laser beams from my eyes....


You will feed me roasted mice. You will feed me roasted mice. You will feed me roasted mice.

Sugar Britches

Ha! Don't our pets just give life that little extra something? Evil or no...


It is always so much fun to catch up over here. You never fail to throw in something that is just a hoot! I loved your pics, even the ole' evil eyed kitty!

And I liked the vine above, being a vine hoarder, I need to go check your comments up there to see if anyone named it.

Daniel carr

Everyone run, Godzilla is about to attack!


OMG Laura! You HAVE to take this over to the LOLcats website and post a caption!

This is a classic!


Daniel! Good one!!!

Kathy, you're right! I think I'll submit it when I get home this afternoon, LOL!

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