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July 31, 2008


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Oh, so sad. Terribly sad.

Sandcastle Momma

I think that's why I don't want to know when I'm going to die. I want to try and live each day to it's fullest and go out with a bang.
Very sad to think of that poor woman.


I need to go get my hair done.


Such a true statement.

I was with my hair stylist longer than I was with my ex husband!


So very sad. Right now my husband is in Brooklyn for his grandmas funeral. She turned 100 on Dec. 10th. That's how it should be in my mind. Not when you have so much life left to give. I have to admit it is a fear of mine, with having MD. So hard too think of leaving when you feel like your just getting in the swing of things. Take the time to sit outside, give your kids and hubby/wife lots of hugs and kisses, enjoy it. About the haircut, I go over to Salon West. I have Heather do mine. She's awesome!! It's across the street from Largo feed.


Well, you did her one last favor ... anybody who reads this will be thinking about her off and on throughout the day.
We don't have to have known her to feel her loss.


The father of a friend was recently diagnosed with inoperable pancreatic cancer...she wrote today about how he's accepted it...a very beautiful post!


So said that that poor man didn't get to enjoy his retirement. He did a brave thing, coming to this country and he and his family certainly benefitted from his bravery.

I don't want to know when I'm going to die. Sometimes I think that even if I had a terminal illness, I wouldn't want to know about it (does that make any sense?). I can understand why alot of old people avoid going to the doctor...they just don't want to know.


My darling wife, the love of my life, left this life June 28th as a result of breast cancer. She knew several months before her passing her illness was terminal and told no one. She did tell me she was not afraid of death for she knew she would be with God and that we would see each other again. Her incredable faith made all the difference in her passing and my dealing with losing my dearest friend.

old horsetail snake

Dying ain't easy.


Just a week or so before my Grandmother passed, she had her hair done. She knew she was going.

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