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August 09, 2008


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Damn skeeters! We get deerflies and horseflies really bad down here in the 'Glades, too. UGH! Reminds me of Snkae Bite Trail in ENP. We've tried to hike it 3 times, but only got about 1/2 mile in before running back because of the mosquitos.

I have learned to do most of my exploring in the winter now.

Brooker Creek Preserve sounds like a nice place to the winter!

Sandcastle Momma

We hiked through there many years ago and had the same problem with the skeeters. We saw a man wandering along in an actual beekeeper's suit and he told us that people laugh at him but he wears it anyway. I wasn't laughing and think the idea is brilliant! Some days being in a beekeeper's suit is the only way you can leave the house around here.


We love going there!! We should get together and go to the native plant sale that they have in Oct. :)


I can't stand spiders, but he's a beauty!


Swampy, I've been to the glades, they have mosquitoes the size of small horses down there. I kind of think Sandcastle Momma's suggestion about the beekeeper's suit actually would work pretty well. I told Rick about it and he thinks I'm crazy. But I have thin skin.

And the winter is definitely the way to go. Snakes are sluggish then, too. Or asleep. ;)

I admit I was a little worried about encountering rattlers on the trail, but that didn't bother Rick at all.

Dani, I didn't even know they had a native plant sale over there. Stands to reason, of course. Sounds fun!

Judy, I think the reason he's so big is because of the size of his web. He's been eating very well, it seems.
And the spiders were everywhere. A huge habitat for them.


Two of my very favourite places! My late uncle used to live in Fred Howard. It's one of the first places I hit when I go back home. I've been ever so patiently waiting for winter, so I can plan another visit. 8-]



Sorry your adventure turned into an unscheduled blood donation. Those skeeters are something else.
I bet it's a great December walk with migrants in the trees and fewer bugs.


can't you warn a sistah before you post spider pics? GAH!!!


Sophie Mae, the neighborhood that surrounds the Fred Howard Park is just beautiful. I can see how you'd head back there, first thing!

FC, yes, singular. This battery tends to last forever. It's rechargeable and a big, heavy duty old thing. My camera is a lot lighter without it. Actually, I tend to run out of space on my memory card before I do battery power.

Janet, ack, sorry! If i put them on the second page, then that would automatically post them above the comment section. But Next time, I'll post a warning for ya.

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