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August 31, 2008


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Sandcastle Momma

That makes me sick on my stomach. What you do yourself is one thing but once you have kids their safety and well being have to come first. I can't imagine having my kids anywhere near this storm - much less in a boat in the middle of it. They say God watches over fools and children so maybe everything will work out ok for these people.


If adults are so stupid as to want to die on a fishing boat, that's one thing. But they should have sent the kids north. Incredible!


Not really, but it's unprintable.


Reminds me of the stories my neighbors and my niece and her husband told us about storms they were in while out at sea.
Each couple were in their own sailboats. Don't know each other. They were in their forties when they had their experiences with storms from hell. They each thought they were surely going to die. If four adults, experienced sailors, were so terrified ,I can imagine the terror little children will experience. Someone should have taken those children off that boat and bopped their parents good.


Their children should be put in a home for people with stupid parents.


Is there any update on the this family that rod out the storm? Ridiculous that they did this, I hope everyone is safe.

old horsetail snake

I have asked Hanna to leave your place alone. Should work.


My friend from Houma tells me that those ol Cajuns slept thru the whole storm :) Their biggest concern now is getting the electricity up before LSU kicks off this weekend. Geaux Tigers....Glad to see your still bloggin.

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