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August 24, 2008


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Damn, listen to you talk football! I need to learn that skill and start figuring out what's a halfback, quarterback, fullback, twoandtwothirdsback, etc, cause Junior is playing on the varsity footbal team now and his first game (a preseason jamboree) is this Friday.

I've owned several motorcycles all before the "no helmet is legal law change" and I can see the appeal of helmetless riding on some empty country road, but to do so at high speed and in traffic always boggles my mind.

So does leaving that man behind in the burning SUV ...

Sandcastle Momma

I think that people who don't wear helmets are nature's way of providing organ donors for the rest of us. Generous people but not too bright LOL

My husband used to be a flight paramedic and they ran a call one night where a woman was trapped in the passenger side of a car. Her boyfriend was standing on the side of the road when firefighters got there, screaming that they needed to get her out because the car might catch on fire. He never tried to help her and when asked why he said he was scared he might get hurt if the car did catch on fire. On the way to the hospital my husband was asking her the standard head injury questions and when he asked what day it was she said "it's the day I break up with that sorry SOB standing on the side of the road back there!" He laughed and told her she was going to be just fine LOL

old horsetail snake

Brave person? Scaredy-cat? NMBY? Tough to know....


A selfish person, no doubt.


That is just awful that they didn't help!!

And I can't stand the parking lot over there! Awful trying to get in and out of there sometimes.


Dani, I usualy leave the parking lot through the back, onto Oakhurst; otherwise, I get rerouted onto Walsingham, not a good thing if you're heading west!

Judy, hmmm hmm.

Hey Hoss, what is NMBY?

Sandcastles, GOOD For her! What a time to find out your bf is a wuss.. right when you need him the most! Your hub must have some pretty good stories from his paramedic days.

FC pssst, I'd ask Mrs. FC. bet she knows football! (g) LOL


The motorcycle thing? Don't drive in Paris...because they do that...between many lanes of traffic on the Peripherique (a bypass road around the city), while driving 50 mph...and brake checks by cars are the scariest thing to watch when these idiots are zooming between cars. Yet another reason to hate Paris (believe me, I have GREAT reasons for that hatred!)


Thats horrible! Who on earth would do that to someone!

Did the guy in the expedition die? :[

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