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August 19, 2008


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Fox's reasoning? Ratings, pure and simple. Sensationalize and the masses will watch. Sad but true.


W.H.U.R...ALL hurricanes, ALL the time! That's Fox alright!

We're getting some serious rain right now in Cent. Fla. I'm at work wondering if they'll let us go home before it gets really nasty out. Schools are closed today and tomorrow.

Be safe everyone!


Janet is right, it's all about the ratings!


you are welcome to some of this rain. Our yard is turning into a swimming pool although we are on one of the highest places in Stuart! Flash flood warnings out 3 inches so far and we are warned the worst will be this here afternoon. Nothing on all stations except storm stories. Tornado warnings all up and down the treasure coast. Ain't fair, we had the last three storms.


Four of my family members were in Miami until yesterday, and they moved up to Ft. Lauderdale to be nearer the airport. Their flight out was delayed today and then they missed their connecting flight in Atlanta. Mr. kenju was riveted to the TV and he believes every word they say, of course. He will be talking about this for decades!

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