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August 10, 2008


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I NEVER ever want to go through that again. lol.

me and my puppies

Gosh, I hope she's ok. No fire ants here in NJ, yet another reason to love living here!

Sandcastle Momma

Bless her heart! We've been very lucky to never have had any kind of reaction to fire ants - just itchy, pussy bites - but never severe like poor Samantha! My husband gets freaked out by fire ants so whenever we go anywhere he spends all of his time scanning the ground and warning the kids about ant hills. He was a paramedic for many years and ran several calls where children got bit and did not do well so he's fanatical about them. He spends a lot of time around here seeking and destroying all ants of all kinds LOL
Feel better soon Samantha!

Cathy S.

My worst story is actually, my husband's. I looked out our kitchen window one afternoon to see my husband in the back yard doing a strip tease. Fast. Fire ants had climbed up inside his jeans and then, started stinging. He stripped to his skivies right there in the back yard, then hosed himself down with water. He was miserable for days. I thought it funny in hindsight, but it wasn't funny at the time. I wear rubber boots when doing yard work. They can't climb up the rubber. Hope your daughter is well soon.


Gosh Sam went through a hellish experience!
My friends elderly 84 year old overweight mother fell into a fire ant nest by their back door. She laid there for hours until her daughter came home. RuthAnn was also badly bitten while helping her mother get up. Both had huge messes of bites all over themselves. The mother had to take antibotics for the infections caused by the bites.
me, I murder all of the critters that I see. I keep Andros handy and pour hot water or vinegar on every nest I see. Those bites hurt!


Poor Sam! I have never had them get me that bad. I'm kind of amazed, too...we have a place in Lake Placid, just outside of Sebring, and there are ALWAYS fireant hills all over the yard. I go barefoot and have yet to get bit! Maybe I have them trained? yeah, right...

One of my coworkers has been out on Workman's Comp for over 2 weeks now due to infections from fireant bites. The doc actually has had to clean out the wounds. (Yes, she actually has wounds from them!!!). I guess people react differently to them, the same as bee stings.


Pups, from your photographs, your ocean neighborhood is so beautiful! Must be a really scenic place to live. I guess it's too cold for the fire ants up there?

Sandcastle Momma, what does he use for the fireant mounds? I've used Amdro on them with some success. We don't have them very often here, but up in G'ville, I battled them constantly.

Cathy, I read your story and cringed! Kind of funny too, that visual, LOL. But I'm sure he didn't feel that way at the time!

Mom, I'd forgotten about that one. I'm surprised she wasn't hospitalized, or in shock from the reaction.

Swampy, I'm real familiar with Lake Placid. That's a pretty area. Is your place on or near any of the lakes?
I drive through there on the way to my parent's house on the Atlantic coast and we've stopped by there a few times to see the murals and stuff.

Your co-workers infection sounds *nasty*!

Sam has been stung by a bee at least once that I know of, but she didn't have any type of reaction to it at the time, beyond the normal pain from the sting itself.


Poor Sam! That is truly hellish and I thank God I've never been stung by more than a handful at a time. [shudder]

Hope you feel better, sweetie! I know for a fact that ice cream makes everything better. ;)


Ugh! Oh! That gave me the worst cold chills. Fire ants freak me out big time. Did you ever see that one episode of CSI where the... Anyway. Let's not talk about it.

Hope everything is all better and soon!


Hope Samantha gets to feeling better. Scary that her reaction was so bad!!


Don't be alarmed, but I gave you a couple of awards.



did they bite her face or did she just have a reaction from them biting her legs? I have no fire ant stories, since I live in New England where we don't have those little buggers. My brother has one tho...he was riding dirt bikes in Texas...or maybe it was Georgia and rode into a nest. OUCH!

Hope she'll be ok!


I get fire ant stung weekly it seems,but usually just a few, not the mass stings poor Sam experienced.
Actually, it's time to do some mound poisoning now that I think about it.

They have other bad effects too. They are really a pain in the garden wiping out my sweet corn crop more than once.

old horsetail snake

Far as I know, fire ant won't come to Oregon (too cool). But I will knock the old wood.

I feel bad for your kid. That's ungood, fireant-wise.


My worst fire ant story: well, since we have nothing of that sort in Canada (they are forbidden to enter the country by law), my worst fire ant story has been reading THIS one.

Poor Sam. I hope she's not still itching.


I too get bitten weekly as I often find myself out in the yard to just "pull a few weeds" in flip-flops. I think the worst was discovering all those yummy, dried cow chips that I get from my cattle ranch friend are little, portable fire-ant hotels.

I threw a whole bunch of the cow chips in my compost pile then went out a couple of days later to turn the pile (again in flip-flops), calf-high in lawn clippings. Felt "things" all over my legs, but thought it was the lawn clippings. Next thing I knew, I looked down, they started biting, and I ran to the house while doing the "fire-ant dance" and stripping off my clothes. I must have had over a hundred bites.

After that, I had to figure out how to get the little buggers out of my compost pile without using poison. I found out they don't like coffee grounds! I tried everthing first, boiling water, molasses (read somewhere they were "repelled" by molasses...HA!), then I went to Starbucks and got a whole mess of used coffee grounds (35 lbs!). In one week they were gone. It doesn't kill them, but they move elsewhere. We still use coffee grounds at times where we don't want to use Amdro, like near veggies or edible herbs.

Now the cow chips get a good soaking in buckets of water for a week before being tossed on the compost.


Kathy! Great idea! I throw my coffee grounds on the plants around our house or into my pots of roses and other plants, but I'll keep that idea in mind if we ever get another ant hill. We're about a mile from Starbucks!

Nils, She is still itchy and her right foot is full of pus filled welts, which makes it difficult to work all day in the close-toed shoes she has to wear to work.

Hoss, just one more reason why Oregon Rocks!

FC, I didn't know they'd go after the veggies like that. Maybe you should try the Starbuck remedy? Coffee grounds are an excellent source of instant nitrogen, after all. I should think the corn would love it.

The only thing is, you wouldn't have de-caffineated corn any longer.....

Janet, She didn't get any bites on her face, and yes, that was just the reaction to the bites. She did get one on her ear. And later in the shower, she found one clinging to her skin all by itself inside her bra. UGH.

Pam, THank youuuu! ;) I would love to meet you someday as well!

Dani, it was an unexpected reaction. She wasn't allergic to bees, so I figured that meant she wasn't allergic to any insect bites. So much for that theory, huh? LOL.

Keetha.. no, I didn't see that episode of CSI, and now I don't want to... LOL!

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