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August 05, 2008


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Hmmm ... shutters at Pure Florida today too.

Second house is definitely the one.

I shutter to think of living in the first one... they look like kid cartoon drawings.


you's kind of cute! They could paint some flowers and vines curling around them :-)


Hhmmm....very strange


Those are too funny! Cute idea, if you have the right kind of house and can get away with it. I don't think they'd be up to hurricane code, though ;)


I think it's funny the first house painted shutters around...a shutter!


I like the way that looks!

old horsetail snake

My guess is they just had a lot of blue paint left over.


I've seen photographs of that done... in the mediterranean area, I believe.

I think I'll like it today and hate it tomorrow... :)


I'm going to paint plywood over my wintows now for the rest of the season


Wait - are you serious? I thought maybe you had Photoshopped those shutters in! That's hilarious.

Sandcastle Momma

I was thinking like Pam - Can I paint plywood over the windows? Those shutters look like something I would try and then hate when it's done LOL


Laura, you're in my old stomping grounds! I'm originally from Bradenton and used to run around on Anna Maria Island growing up.

I never remembered housed with painted shutters. Too funny!


I think I'd like to paint our doors like that... and maybe our shed, too. Hmmmm.

If you all try it, let me know!!!! LOL.
The neighborhood we were in was pretty much a Key West style and these houses really did "fit in" with the rest of the homes on the street, painted shutters and all!

Kathy, what a great place that must have been to grow up. We were visiting there for the day. I live up near Largo. ;)

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