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August 15, 2008


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Fay won't amoutn to anything more than a good storm (which we need) and if her impending arrival encourages people to clean up their yards, all the better. I haven't checked on my hurricane supplies yet and I doubt I will. I may be sorry, but I'm just not feeling like I need to rush out and buy gallons of water and tons of D batts, though it kinda looks like you may feel more of it that us!


Yeah, I'm not expecting her to be much more than a lot of rain, flooding in those areas that always flood anyway.

I don't think I'll need the hurricane kit for this particular storm at all, but just wondered about the contents of the container since I forgot what's in there.

It dawned on me though, we do need to do some major pruning around here. In this heat, who wants to prune?


I like that track!
Brings her right to me.
I hope she brings as much rain as her sister Frances04.
My pond stayed full for two years after that.
She may jump up rapidly between Cuba and FL so don't relax too much.
Monday is the first day of school for our kids so it could be a weird week (weirder than normal that is) at work.


Aw, crap. Well, maybe Cuba's mountains will break her up if she's just a TS. On the bright side, 93 looks like it won't be a problem.

My hurricane kit is in rough shape... and I've not stocked up on propane or gas. Reality check, eh?

Sandcastle Momma

Is FC wanting a hurricane? Crazy man! I'll bring a hose and fill his pond but he needs to get on the Go Away Fay train LOL
Hopefully she'll stay small and won't cause a problem for any of us.
I hate hurricanes but I'll take them over those giant tornados in the midwest any day.

Laura  VSEA

Sandcastles, FC might have liked the rain from Frances, but the East coast didn't like her one bit!

Bet this one will fill up your pond, for sure. Watch out for the snakes!
(oh never

Lately I've been battling ants and bugs that have begun to move in because of all the rain. And yesterday I noticed black mold growing ON the house, next to the deck. Time for bleach and pressure washing. If Fay comes, she's gonna swamp us with rain related "issues."

My biggest fear: an F4 arriving in the middle of the night, like that one in Orlando a few years back. YECH. Wasn't there one during the storm of the century, out by Steinhatchee? I remember reading about massive floods then, too.

Pam, propane? gas? Forgot all about that stuff. Maybe we better check your site list again. What the hell was on there anyway? LOL.

Ok, out to work in the yard. I have a handsaw with my name on it, and an avocado tree waiting for me to hack it away from the roof.
And I gotta tackle that mold.

old horsetail snake

Go away Fay. You are not least, not where Laura lives....


I'm with you about the tornados!


As long as Fay doesn't do major damage.. Shes welcomed by me anytime. :]

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