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August 30, 2008


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Ack! I can't stand mall shopping! The closest I get is going into Borders next door.


I had no idea Bonita Springs was flooded! Better call YsD!

Oh, and you got lucky after only 10 try ons? I would have treated the exalted one to shoes, as well. LOL!


Thank God I have boys!!! No fancy dresses to spend hours searching for! My heart goes out to you... Dillards should have much nicer seating available for it's customers (who are shelling out big $$$, no doubt!). Incredible. I am anxious to see if they've improved or not.

Bonita Springs! OMG, the news here hasn't said a word about that! That reminds me, though...I've been wanting to go back over there and check out that HUGE mall they have. At least I think it's in Bonita Springs. All the towns over there kind of blend into one another. We found a cache there last year and the place had me in awe. Humongous place!
Hope they dry out soon.

I lucked out and never got called on to do anything with the band parents. How did I ever manage that?!?!?


There's no link to what you found at Dillards - at least I can't find one.


That picture in the upper left looks young 30ish to me.
I believe you.

Checking the current Gus radar, ...I hope they have room for just a little more water down there.


maybe uncomfortable chairs are the reason the Dilliards in Palm Beach Gardens is closing.
Bet she will be lovely in her new dress. Send us a photo.

old horsetail snake

Take your futon to the concession stand. Somebody might buy it off you....


I would absolutely believe you are 35. But then, I'm Canadian. We're on the metric system ...

What I'm NOT buying is the 40 pound butt.


Those seats are never worth sitting in because it is such a work out for me to get BACK UP out of the darn thing. I've noticed a steady decline in all the dressing room standards lately. What happened to the days of a nice dressing room?


Hey Judy, check out the picture instead! :)

Deana, I've noticed that too. It's rare to find a really nice one. The Macy's here remodeled their entire store, and their rooms are pretty nice. Dillards needs to up the ante.

Nils, 40 pound butt??! Who said I had a 40 pounder? that'll be the DAY! (thwap!)

Mom, will do.

And FOR The record, I passed 40 awhile ago. The pic was from our cruise last year! Hair is shorter now, tho. I should update it, don'tcha think. LOL

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