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August 13, 2008


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Lookit the big brain on you! Brilliant!


I think that's an excellent idea!! Did you know that Publix just bought Albertson's...?

And guess what I have for lunch every day? An apple and a spoonful of peanut butter! We were obviously separated at birth. ;)

old horsetail snake

As usual, you're too smart for them.


That sounds like a major pain in the rear end for computer support technicians and web administrators. Living with a guy who has that type of job surely has changed my perspective on how much to trust computers.

Why don't sellers just put a regular price and leave it alone? the money saved from advertising at all would make up the difference in coupons shenanigans.


I think it is a great idea! I do clip some coupons - and then forget to take them to the store with me.

Laura VitaminSea

Mrs DoF. I'm tempted to agree that the money saved by advertising would make up the difference in prices; however, I'm realistic enough to know that without advertising, a terrible thing happens: nothing.
Consumers who aren't familiar with the product won't be tempted to pull it off the shelves and check it out.

While I usually get sick of all the Madison Avenue hype crammed down our throats, I am aware that without advertising, I probably wouldn't be using certain products because I wouldn't bother pull them off the shelves in the first place.

Where the coupon card benefits me is that if I'm going to choose between two brands of the same product, and one of them has a little tag on the shelf that lets me know it is on sale, I'm more likely to purchase that one, if the final price is lower and if it is the quality I'm looking for in a product.

Half the time, I get to the store and find I've forgotten my coupons. For years, I didn't even bother using them because it was such a pain in the ass to clip and sort through them. And a lot of the time, I would find another competing brand that was cheaper.

I've been using coupons more often as prices rise. But they still drive me crazy with all the hassle that is involved in using them.
I'd much rather have a single card to swipe and go!

Taking the devils advocate position just one little step further, it's highly possible that creating a company like this to produce such a card would *create* jobs for computer support technicans and administrators. And I thought that's what they were getting paid to do the first place!

Hoss and Nils, LOL, thanks.

Pam, There are 2 Publix's within a mile of my house, and an Albertson's about 2 miles away. The larger Publix will most likely close and replace the nearby Albertsons. I like the location of the Publix now and I ain't happy about it!

As for the peanut butter, I have that almost every day for lunch, partly because it's so filling and low in carbs. Can't believe you're eating it also! Bet we have similar eating habits as well. LOL.

Sandcastle Momma

I can see the pros and cons of the coupon card but I LOVE the idea of a kid card. I started filling out those forms today and won't be done until next week. Wouldn't it be great if you could use the kid card at hospitals and doctor's offices too? I fill out the same forms EVERY time we got to the doctor and we've been seeing the same doctor for years. Yep, definitely a good idea!


Ahem ... Smuckers All Natural Peanut Butter needs no enhancements! Although, I do drain about half the oil off myself.

You must know by now that the school system is slow to adjust to change ... I was still using a chalkboard 3 years ago. When was that invented? 1812 or something like that?

If they've just given us dry erase marker boards NOW, we can expect onlinieness about ... oh... 2104?


Excellent ideas! I hate all the redundant paperwork parnets have to fill out each year. At least I've given myself a 5 year break before it starts all over again for me ( at this point, I have one year of scholl freedom left! ).

I have a love/hate relationship with coupons. I like your idea ALOT!


FC, can you tap into the alumni and get them onboard for fundraising to help get computers in the classroom?
Although, I'm sure every idea has probably been exhausted to death. Where's the corporate sponsors when we need them?!

(and smucker's peanut butter without splenda? No way, no how.)

Swampy? I have 3 years left. hang in there!


mmm, it's too bad you don't have Teddy Peanut Butter's the BEST!

Bear, Flounder, and Feather

Hey, tell Rico that our master, FC, found a great home for that kitten 10 minutes before he was going to take it to the pound.
Oh,... and Dogs still rule.


Ihave used coupons for years. what burns me up is the are decreasing the value of them. instead of 50cents off now they are usually 50cents off for 2!

Linda/RV Vagabonds

I try to clip coupons but then leave them in the glove box in the coupon holder. There are too many 2fers/3fers for us empty nesters who live in a tin can on wheels with no room in the pantry for extras so many coupons are useless to us anyway. Love the idea of a coupon card, though!

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