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August 19, 2008


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Sadly idiotic.

tony Meloy

STUPID! Mr toads Wild ride!!!!!

Sandcastle Momma

It's terrible that this guy is hurt but geez how dumb is that?
Ya just gotta wonder about some folks LOL


Stupid personified!!

I can hardly believe that mr. kenju was in Ft. Lauderdale until mid-day today!

Sandcastle Momma

I just saw over at Pure Florida that today is your anniversary. Happy Anniversary! 25 years? That's a long time to live with one man without killing him so he must be a keeper LOL Here's to 25 more!!


Egads! What a maroon!

Anniversary? Have a happy one :-)


Dumba$$....(said in the voice of Red from "That 70's Show")


Better hide out somewhere next time, right?


Sadly, a Darwin Award in the making. Coming out of commentless coma to wish you a happy anniversary! 25 shows a lot of love, fortitude and good hard work. Well done.

kathy a.

stopping by to wish you a happy anniversary! our 25th is coming up in a few months, too. long time, but it goes fast, doesn't it?


I guess the guy thought he could control the wind somehow.

And thank you all! yes, it does go by fast.

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