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August 17, 2008


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Eat all the junk you want. Just be safe.


There's a state law against gouging; it was put into effect after Andrew. I'd contact the AG's office. That's just not right!

I didn't think Publix did stuff like that. Dang.

Y'all stay safe!


my suggestions... do the laundry while you have power. Get cash cause the stores did not accept credit cards cause the bank computers were down.
Have a phone that works without electricity.. my neighbors were using our phone because they could not use their own.. the cell phone tower was not functioning.

Have battery operated lanterns cause a week with no power is not fun. Candles just don't cut it. And hope your batteries are fresh.

Hope Laura and Rick will again surprise us by coming across the state with that delicious roast beef, ice, salad and power saw to cut the fallen trees. We were really grateful.

Best of all.. hope the storm does not hit where you are.

on Wednesday, ..What a way to celebrate your 25th anniversary, Laura and Rick. We are happy you gave us such a wonderful son-in-law and two wonderful granddaughters.


Laura, your mom sounds like a sweetheart, just like you. Happy Anniversary as well! Hope you guys stay safe.

Bear, Flounder, and Feather

Mom has it down!
I was doing laundry last night for that very reason.
Happy Anniversary too!!

Be safe!


I hope Fay goes away and barring that, that you stay safe and unharmed!

REMINDER: find the recipe for that (Italian pasta salad) and post it here!!!

old horsetail snake

Um.....Just reminding you to post the recipe.

(Well, you said to remind you. Geesh)


Great suggestions for storm prep! I completely forgot about the laundry. I'm gonna jump on that as soon as I finish this post. Here's a few other essential must-do storm prep tips (for those who need some hurricane levity!).

Prepare for long, boring power outages by stockpiling important reading material such as People, Us, InTouch and OK magazines.

Buy shelf stable liquids such as Parmalat milk, bottled water, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. Warm beer is just gross!

Make sure you have plenty of candles and matches for when the batteries run out for the flashlights and lanterns. But remember, DON’T MIX YOUR AROMATHERAPY! Those holiday favorite Cinnamon Apple candles burning alongside your stress relieving Lavender Dream candles are a recipe for sensory overload and will lead to a migraine of epic proportions!

Charge up those cell phones! They won’t work because all the circuits will be jammed, but you’ll be most upset if your cell battery expires along with everything in your refrigerator.

Hunker down alongside a mom-friend with kids your children’s ages. When the power goes out and the kids realize they can’t watch Nickelodeon or play video games, things will get dicey! Having friends to play with can mean the difference between surviving the hurricane and a post-storm visit from DCF.

Refill all necessary prescription medication. Don’t forget about those all important OTC items as well. Florida experienced quite a baby boom nine months after the 2004 hurricane season. During an extended power outage it’s hot, it’s dark, there are candles, well, I’ll leave the rest up to your imagination.

Sugar Britches

Good Luck, Laura. We're thinking about you!


Thanks Nils. And I did. ;)

Pam, I'm going to keep an eye on them. Now that Fay has passed, it'll be interesting to see if the price comes down.

Dani, looks like we dodged a bullet!

Mom, live and learn, huh? LOL.

FC, hope this turns around and fills your pond!

Janet, rofl, you're right about the reminder. I DID forget. I'll look for it this morning!

Hoss, on the ball as always, I see. LOL! I'll get that up pronto.

NativeMom, great ideas! I used to have a stock of unscented candles, and they've since been used up. A long time ago, we lost power over night after a transformer near the house malfunctioned, or something or other. (It wasn't hurricane related.)
Since it was unexpected, all I had on hand at the time were a mix of scented candles. The scented impact was nauseating! I was so glad when hub located the battery powered lanterns.

Thanks, Sugar! :)

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