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August 22, 2008


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We need her rain, so send her up here!!


Love this!! Fay reminds me of when Francis rolled through and the whole state got hammered. A cone for you and me, ain't that the truth!


Love it! I think it should make the "Top 10".

Who knew you were a poet and lyricist? LOL! :-)

old horsetail snake

I love your melodious. Are you safe and sound (I hope)?


LOL!! Very good! Fay just won't go away...nice to see a sense of humor about it :)


I love it!!! You're very talented. :D

What the heck is 94? I'm not even looking any more...

Sandcastle Momma

That's funny - and true! My favorite picture is the map with Florida up near Canada LOL


TOO Funny! Good job!
Some national guard trooper is going to be doing pushups and KP for a very long time!


Pam, 94L is (or was?) a system off Africa that is/was expected to become Gustav. Stands for the 94 latitude. I haven't checked the weather all morning, so that could have changed. There are/were 3 systems that meteorologists are keeping an eye on, last time I checked.

Hoss, we're safe and sound. It alternates between rain and sun here. As I type this, the sun is out and ground is soaking wet! It's real windy tho, which is great.

If I had a windmill, I could have gone off the grid all week!

FC, that's for sure. That pic made the Palm Beach Post photos.

Sandcastle, there's similar one of Florida, with a scaredy face on it, and the bottom half of florida is pushed up near Louisiana, as if the state was trying to hide from Frances. It was pretty funny.

Swampy, yep, what else can we do? ;)

Kathy, I had no choice. this song was running through my head all week long. LOL

Dani, Yep! Hope we don't get a repeat of 2004, either.

Judy, any day now...

Cathy S.

Very very funny, but now, the tune is running through my head. Yikes!


A friend of mine said she felt so guilty praying that some of Fay would reach us. We are just so dry. Everything is drying. My well can only save so much. Funny how it has to be too much or none at all. Not funny, but strange.

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