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September 24, 2008


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I'm with you!!! This is just incredible...what a bunch of boobs!


My suggestion? Take everything from the CEO's of these failing companies. Freeze those bank accounts...find the hidden Swiss bank accounts and freeze THOSE...take possession of every home, vacation home, car, all the electronics and every last stinkin' thing in all those homes. Then sell them off - and pay off the stock holders. THAT'S how you bail out a company. When the CEO's are complaining that they won't have retirement, who gives a flying fig (and believe me, I WANT to say the stronger F word here...)? What about all the employees who lose their jobs all of a sudden because of all the mismanagement? Why have these CEO's been allowed to run these companies into the ground with their excesses...while the everyday Joe has to lose their home, job, and any security they might have had?

Like you, I don't want to fund the CEO...OR the company. The government shouldn't be involved in business. How about, instead of bailing out these failing companies, you take that money and bail out the US people instead?


I am too raging, burning mad to comment without filling the page with swearing at the people to caused this situation, the politicians that allowed it to happen. I think they should take all their money, homes, possessions and return the money where it belongs. and put those thieving crooks in jail.


Now I'm confused. I thought the government was seizing the assets of the companies - the homes that the lenders have foreclosed on - to then sell back to the people (at probably a much more reasonable cost), to recover the debt? I was not under the impression that the taxpayers would incur much (if any) additional burden, but that there would be a surplus of great homes at super low prices on the market.


I liked the part about, "this has been a long time in the making..." Yes. 8 years is a long time. 8 years of your watch, Mr. President. Thanks 700 billion.

(btw, that figure - 700 billion - is bunk)

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