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September 27, 2008


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Wow! I don't know how you had time to write this! Think of how wonderful and satisfying it will be to see those flags flying...! :)

Hope everyone has fun!


... but, did you whistle while you worked???? ;)


Crazy busy huh?
You'll need another hiatus at this rate.


Great egret photo ... they are hard to catch without a zoom lens ... (I use a 2001 Sony Mavica for most of photos I post to my blog) ... it's a work horse ... and is great for web ready photos ... the only problem: it gurgles between shots ... Take Care


Whew! You deserve a vacation!


Whew! I'm exhausted just from reading this! Is it Friday yet?

me and my puppies

and than one day they move out and you stand there wondering where the time went.


I, of course, read that as itching regrets...sigh...

old horsetail snake

Golly, you are a slave to the band. Nicely did.


Hoss, that comment just got me thinkin....

Janet, I knew we had something in common, lol. ;)

Pups, YEP!

Kathy, it's Tuesday, but it took me awhile to recover!

Judy, up to NC, where you live, perhaps? North Carolina in the fall, how beautiful is that!

rcobszak, goood to meet you! They do tend to startle easily. But that hasn't stopped them from being bold enough to hang around my house, and try to eat the fish out of my pond. It's a never ending battle!

FC, the hiatus is good, gets everything back into perspective. But yeah, a 2 day one was necessary.

Seamus..well... another little known fact about me is, I can't whistle to save my life!

Pam. I was just going to do the egret photo and leave it at that. But then I started talking... er, typing.

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