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September 30, 2008


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Thanks for visiting my journal. I always resisted calling it a blog, I thought "journal" was more professional ... but now I am seeing there is such a rich network of blogs out there, and an especially nice one in Florida. I'd love to chat sometime and compare notes: I have to stay in as much contact with my "blogger" network as I do my "hydrology" contacts ... double the work load, but double the fun! It has been a crazy journey. I think many other bloggers would say the same.

Anyhow, to answer your question: the sunflower comes out great on my browser: Chrome. I haven't tried Explorer. I still upload my posts from Explorer. Chrome is glitchy for doing that, why I'm not sure. I'm curious about Typepad: there are so many products out there, and their features are constantly being updated. Just like you say about the TP photo feature. It's been non-stop experimenting with me: that's probably what makes it fun ... and crazy.

We also grew a sunflower a few years ago. Somebody gave us the seed and we were amazed to see how it grew. I have photos of it somewhere.


Beautiful! And they show up just fine. Oh, and congrats on your big blow status! LOL!


Laura, your photos are superb! They look great in Firefox, and as far as their size, I'm viewing on a 15" monitor right now and I don't think they are too large.


I'm so glad the birthday party went well on Sunday.

The pictures look great on my end, love the little pollinator in the last one.

me and my puppies

Your sunflower surprise is just beautiful!


such beautiful shots!


Depends on what we are supposed to be seeing.
None of the photos show the entire blossom.
If that's the way you cropped it then all is well.
They are brilliantly yellow!

Congrats on your subtropical status, but I was rooting for you to go tropical.


The pictures came out great. You are a good photographer. I love sunflowers. Love to watch the butterflies feed on them. I think I will go get some seeds.
When the announcement came about the birth of "Laura" we thought,"Oh my God, she is a storm now." We are very proud of you resisting the temptation to hit our shores. I hope Rick's prediction that she is a lot of air is correct. She seems to be heading towards Ireland. I can imagine our relatives saying"Tis Michael's granddaughter that is sending to us this wind!"


The photos are, as usual, lovely. Showed up on my computer perfectly.
Ah!! a storm named Laura!I am glad you kept your namesake away from our shores. I hope Rick is right that she is a lot of wind. She is heading towards Ireland. I can imagine our relatives there saying<" Ah! It Tis Michael's granddaughter who sent to us this big wind"


Those are so nice!!! Took a while for them all to load, but other than that, everything looks great!


They show up wonderfully!

So ... we can now refer to you as "Stormy"?


Beautiful picture! Shows up fine in Internet Explorer. I wonder what kind of wasp/bug that is?

Yes, please keep your hot air to yourself! :-)


The photos look perfect on Firefox! Sunflowers are so cheerful!


Judy, good to hear. I wasn't sure if they would be too big for most browsers, or not. They were resized to 640, but Typepad has a new "fullsized" option, and I thought I'd try it out and see how it looked on the site.

I didn't want someone to be stuck with a ridiculously long download to see the site...especially if it's a picture of my cat. LOL!

Kathy, hmmm, not sure what type of bug/wasp it is, I'll have to look it up. I'll bet FC knows, LOL! I have other pics of it and I could post them for closer ID if necessary.
It's good to see the bees, if it is one, as their numbers are shrinking!

Seamus, yes, definitely. Especially at this time of the year. ;p~ lol

Swampy, thank you!

Mom, Well, it would be a great way to see Ireland at last. ;0

FC, I didn't crop them, but I did do post photo editing. The cropping could also have come from my eyesight, which seems to conflict with the viewfinder on a daily basis...
boy, that's a lot of fun, sigh.

Thanks Janet, Pups, Dani, Deb and Pam!! :)

Rsobczak: Well, you are right about the richness of the blogger network, it's amazing how close most of us have become without ever having met. I have found it to be a highly enriching experience and I've met some great people on here, blogwise! :)

I haven't tried Chrome yet, as I've been fairly happy with Firefox and haven't seen any reason to change it just yet. Security is a top priority for me, having lost a previous laptop to malware. Since Firefox had the best browser in the biz at the time, I stuck with that. But, technology changes daily!
About Typepad, I've uesd it since...oh, 2003 or thereabouts. They have come a long way in offering new options for bloggers to use, however slowly. I've had issues with their layout for years, but I've notice that is changing.
However I can honestly say that each time I've had a problem with them, they have come through immediately with help.

Your blog is an excellent reference for Florida residents and others concerned about our water tables, and more! Very happy to have found it! :)

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