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October 13, 2008


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I love the haircut. Very becoming. Those fish look good. Sam is a great fisherlady. I bought some fresh fish.. cost over nine bucks for three servings.. Keep her fishing.

Robert V Sobczak

Technical aspects of posts can get tricky. I use blogger and constantly find myself "jerry rigging" the thing to get it to look right. I'm a scientist, but blogging is an inexact science to be sure, and prone to frustrating glitches.


I like the hair - wish mine was that long! And I like fish too...both catching and eating. Cleaning is nasty, but if they're small I can deal with it, lol!

Sonia Mascaro

Love your haircut! You look gorgeous!


I love the haircut, it's beautiful! I have very, very short hair and I've found that using redkens rewind or urban experiment helps tame my hair.

And those are some great looking fish they caught!


You look amazing :-)


That was a fun night :) Got there around 2 and didn't leave until around 5. Those redfish were awesome though :)


IF THAT haircut is downhill, where did you start from??

You look lovely.

Great fish Sam and boyfriend.


I absolutely love your haircut girlfriend!!!


Your hair looks really pretty in that photo!

Old Horsetail Snake

Gee whiz, I didn't know you were so pretty. Your hair looks just dandy to me....but I haven't seen you in long style, so what the hey.

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