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October 07, 2008


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Beautiful photos!


I adore the last two sentences in this post :-)

Never knew there was such as thing as beach morning glories, how cool! And you're right, that other flower does look like an Indian summer!


Beautiful! Just wonderful pictures, Laura!

I've not seen any early morning blooms on my dunes... but now I'll actually be looking for them! :D


A REAL writer!

Really nice post and great shots! I spent alot of time and Kodachrome on beach flowers when I lived at Fort Matanzas as a Ranger.


lovely pictures. wonderful writing. Really enjoyed it.


Good point: most beach combers are distracted by the immensity of the sea, and the drum of its surf, and the shell beds in the sand ... flowers are easily forgotten, and a bit off the beaten path. Great photos!


Awesome pics and I LOVE your new banner! Blanket flower is one of my favs. I took some seeds from a couple of spent flower buds years ago in New Smyrna Beach. Now I have them growing in my garden and they reseed every year.

My favorite! They remind me of fall.


Loving your essay on nuance! :)


Thank you all! glad you enjoyed the pics. I think they might be too big and that I should start resizing them smaller. FC, I just like to throw the -30- in, I get a kick out of it. LOL! Kathy, the banner is from a Typepad layout. I've forgotten all the minor CSS that I used last time, and decided to let the Pros handle the design for awhile. I am just not in the mood to deal with it lately! ;)
Seamus, a little nuance, a shade of metaphor, and thy blog hath written itself~
I think I need more coffee.

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Well, those flowers was so cute! I never thought that flowers can also bloom by the sea. Wish I can get and see those cute flowers in person. Anyway, I enjoyed reading your article. It makes a lot of sense. Thanks for sharing.


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