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October 02, 2008


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Just a little cat nap! LOL! Our Izzy likes to burrow in all the way to the foot of the bed!


Come to my house Laura, I'll share my birthday cake with you! :)

Good luck today fundraising.


How cute!!! :)

Sandcastle Momma

That picture is too cute. I love that paw sticking out!
You can't blame him though - who wouldn't want to snuggle up in a comfy bed LOL


My cats used to do that too, but they are banished to the garage at night now, since they have taken up with all the fleas in NC.


LOL! How can you get mad at that kitty?!?! Think how nice it would be in the winter to have your bed warmed up for you :)


Mack prefers to sleep with his head on my pillow. Glares at me when I move him. Cute picture of the little paw sticking out.


that is the most adorable picture EVER!!!


When I was with my ex, our cats used to like to burrow under the comforter AFTER we made the bed....we called them "bed pimples".

Very cute pic!

me and my puppies

too cute!


ooo The new background looks good! and the heading at the top is pretty :)

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