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October 10, 2008


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I love all the new changes!
Sorry about the writers block. :(


The new header rocks! You could tell us about it...? :D

Robert V Sobczak

You never do see "the wall" coming. It's always sort of unexpected. But you'll find a "door" in the wall, or a way to climb over.


yeah, I know that feeling. I have all these posts swirling in my head, but when it comes time to sit down and type them, they go behind that "block" wall.....ugh.


Writer's block?
Is that something you sit upon as you write?

Love the spring tide shot.


LOVE the new header!! and the template is nice and clean-looking. You'll think of something eventually.

Old Horsetail Snake

I've got lots of suggestions. But, no, you can't have any of them....


The cure for writer's block: grab the camera! :)

Cowboy Joe

LOL, that's happened so often, it's not even funny. I agree, love the new header. And what is funnier is that the coffee lady was dreaming of a mini vacation in Key West and so I had to come over and say Hi. Long time no visit. LOL. Anyways, hope it was a great weekend for you.

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