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November 21, 2008


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I'm sure that is frustrating. Hope you get it fixed better this time.


Love Sams. I never stop at those snack offerings in the store tho.
Now ... their snack bar hotdogs and pretzels ... dat b good!!

I hope you get that puter humming again.

... some of us are STILL in the dial up days ... arrrggghhhh.

Laura, Vitaminsea

Saturday morning:

I was on the laptop shortly after writing this blog post, and went to do a google search.

All of a sudden, the browser immediately redirected to another site. My antenna went up immmediately and Rick called the tech guy who is repairing it.

He said the computer had been hijacked again, to shut the power off immediately without closing a single window and to bring it in. Apparently all the trojans had not been removed from the computer.

If you happen to have your browser switch windows like that, with the message that "anti virus software is being installed" or, "anti spyware scanner has started", and you KNOW it's not yours, DO NOT X Out of the window! Simply doing that installs the program on yoru computer.

Shut the power down and call your local puter repair wizard!

So it's back in the shop again. !@!


how awful. guess he did not remove all the bugs after all. Hope he will solve it his time. and fast.

EC I changed from earthlink dialup to bellsouth fast access and pay the same 19.95 a month. the modem was free because I used the internet to sign on. I like bell south much better. Dial up was too slow and full of red x pictures.

Robert V Sobczak

By chance I hit the Publix holiday party. It was really good. It wetted my appetite for Thanks giving.

Old Horsetail Snake

I fussed around for 3 hrs. yday trying to recover the icons that go with my navigation bar. FINALLY I PUNCHED THE RIGHT TWO BUTTONS! Sometimes keeping up is had bizness.

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