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November 03, 2008


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Beat ya to it.
I did the same thing a few years ago and have even re-recycled the kid's playhouse/swing into a third generation of use and I'm not done yet.

Can't wait to see the new bench, and it's good to read you again!


I've been noticed more folks using Facebook than their blogs...wonder if the blog thing is losing its charm...


Love the new 'shorty' post. ROFL!


My old deck is disintegrating, so it wouldn't be much use to build anything. I'll bet your new bench will look great.

Robert V Sobczak

That's a good point: there is only so many endeavors we can fully endeavor in. Blogging is partly momentum ... but I think it's an enterprise that requires constant tinkering and reconsideration. Taking a break is a good thing. It's how you get a Eureka Moment.

Cathy S.

Our kids' play set turned into a kayak and canoe rack. I think we are all just exhausted from the economy, election and time change. The enthusiasm for blogging and life in general will build again when things settle down.


I miss you when your not posting. :)
And I think we're all cool with whatever you wanna put on your blog. It's all good.


FC, that's awesome. Doesn't surprise me about you, but it's still cool, nonetheless!
I can't get onto your site today to leave a comment. I'll try again later, hoping it's a blogger flux!

Janet, I've had that feeling also. Blogging takes more work than Facebook, but it's such a different format altogether.

Pam, I KNOW! it was supposed to be a shorty post, and then, well... you know. ;)

Judy, it's fully built, and Rick did a beautiful job. I just have to finish up some things and I'll put up a post about it. It's been cold, wet and overcast all day, not a good day for working out there.

Cathy, so true. We're all so sick of the elections, and wall street, ugh.

Robert, I've found that I've needed quite a few Eureka moments, lately, that's for sure. I also need a Dyson moment, i.e. I could really use a new vacuum cleaner. But that's a whole other topic, isn't it.

Dani, thank youuuu! I am still glad you finally got your own site up and running!


Great IDea, will look forward to looking at the new and improved play area! Ha Good posting idea also.

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