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November 14, 2008


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hmmmmmm.....inquiring minds DO want to know!!!


it better be!!!

Margaret Cloud

I am going to come back for the news.


Amazing sounds good.
Share it when you get it!


Let us know.

That's the kind of thing mr. kenju does (or used to, when he worked). Pooh.

Laura, Vitaminsea


LOl, never can tell with Brittany. I wasn't sure WHAT was up. Her news?

She got a 94 on her honors geometry test. There's some background here, as she got a really BAD grade on her last exam, an F, and around this house, that kind of grade does not fly. I don't believe in F's. If you get an F, you need to get back to work to bring that grade up again. F's mean losing privileges, and grounding is imminent.

So, the fact that she brought it back up to an A just rocks! And it means grounding terms are likely not to go in force....

Other news: I'm still typing on the girl's computer. I think my laptop network has been hijacked into. Today as I was working on it, an email popped up all by itself, and I watched as an address was inserted into the "To:" line.

I didn't have an email program opened at the time. I was deep in the registry, editing files.

I began scrambling to remove the new network and disabled the computer. Time to bring in the pros. :(


wow! Someone actually was using your computer for email and in front of you! I wonder what else was going on in your computer. That is very scary! What did you find out from the Pros? Let us all know!!! Hope nothing crimal was done!

Laura Bowers

Thanks for stopping over to take a look at my blog. Is this the perfect time of year in Florida? I'm in PA, and we're getting the start of a possible lake effect snow shower...I love this time of year!

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