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November 10, 2008


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Oh Laura, I'm so sorry. I hope it all works out.


Sean sent instructions on how to remove it. I hope they work;
Dad asked an interesting question. what did we all do with our time before we had computers?


Hey cousin, try what I sent your Mom. Microsoft is NOT a good source to help you fix this problem. Their software IS the reason you have this problem... among other things. For example, the virus looks like an official Microsoft program, doesn't it...? Microsoft will NEVER send you a program to install. Except for updates which occur through the updates program that you've undoubtly seen.

The reason why Trend Micro, which isn't a bad program, didn't catch the virus is because the definitions were not updated on time to catch it. Look at it this way: suppose I put up some clean laundry (my PC) outside to dry, and THEN found out that a flock of 100,000 geese (virus) were scheduled to fly over my house that day... well, if I don't know about the geese you can bet my laundry will change colors - fast! But if someone tells me (updated definition) I will run out and pull my clothes off the line quick! That'll prevent the stains (infection).

If you decide to change your antivirus program, go with the best: either Avira (my personal fav), AVG or Kaspersky. BitDefender isn't bad, either. So far, I've used Avira for 3 years and haven't gotten infected (and I know infections have tried and couldn't do it, Avira told me which ones). It runs in the background silently and is so nonintrusive that I sometimes forget I have it. It is from Germany and is well known. AVG is a close second, as is Kaspersky.

I'm afraid American antivirus programs just don't do it for me. I've had issues with quite a few of them, including infections, incompatibility with other programs and taking huge amounts of space, slowing down my PC, etc.

Anyway, I just removed the same virus from a friend's computer using the free version of AVG. So forget Microsoft and follow my instructions and you'll be up in no time. You might have to remove Trend to work with AVG, I'm not sure if they will conflict. But in safe mode, you should be ok.

Ciaoooooo and say Hey! to the family for me.


I thought something was up....I tried to leave comments on your last post and Typepad kept having a hissy fit.

Hope you can get it worked out! Out damn virus!


Hi Sean, thanks for commenting! Unfortunately, you can't go into safe mode to erradicate this virus. It's written to make it's files inaccessible in safe mode.

Trend has worked very well for me for 3 years. I really think it happened when I shut off the popup blocker on IE, and also made the mistake of USING IE. I never use it! All the files i've been able to find that relate to the virus happened at the time I was turning off the popup blocker to allow typepad access.

Unfortunately, I had AVG with my last laptop several years ago, and got hit with a trojan then, also. ugh!!!

I'll go take a look at Avira, thanks for that recommendation. So far I've deleted a good junk of individual trojans today and i'm actually able to use the laptop some.

But I still cant' get on the internet on my laptop, it's rendered my browsers useless to everything except pop up ads for the san diego chargers and NFL football games. lol

Kathy, that's very interesting. I was having the hardest time making a single post at all!


Try 'Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware' to remove this problem, and 'Threatfire' to help protect in future.

'Threatfire' is a behaviour based antivirus that you can run alongside your normal antivirus of choice.

Avira is a good AV

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