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November 12, 2008


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Someone, somewhere, living in the TB area will throw a fit at the suggestion that the 50's are a relief compared to the current weather conditions.

Fortunately, that's not me. BRING ON THE COOL!!! :D

Robert V Sobczak

Good to know another cold front is on the way. Yes, I'm up in Orlando ... and the humidity is the stuff of Florida legends.


I LOVE the 50's-- it is perfect gardening weather. Monday and Tuesday were really nice her in the Tampa area. Today was humid with a "feels like" temp of 91. Like you said... waaaayyyy too hot.
Meems @Hoe&Shovel


Lucky! Send some of that cool weather my way!!


I hated turning the air back on, it's been so nice having the windows open and hearing the chatter of the birds outside.


We had cold and windy last week...and rainy cold to begin this week (even canceled the Veterans Day parade yesterday!) and today and tomorrow? Warm and sunny, gentle breeze...and back to cold and yuck. I so can NOT wait for southern weather again....


It's in the 60's here, but it will be back to the 70's by Friday - YAY!


I absolutely LOVE the cooler weather we're getting. But of coarse as always, I have school or work on the good beach days.. Looks like another albino winter for my skin. lol

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Sandcastle Momma

That is hot. We're having some really great weather up here - 70's during the day and 50's at night. It's colder inland at night but along the beach it's perfect - not too cold and not too hot. I wish it would stay this temp all year long!


The first text I sent out today was, "Yuck, summer's back."

Hurry Sunday.

Margaret Cloud

I like the four seasons we get, I would not like to live where it is hot all the time.

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