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November 16, 2008


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Sandcastle Momma

I am loving this cold weather! It's perfect for puttering around the house - a little sewing, a little crocheting and then a big pancake breakfast for supper.

I've noticed all of the Christmas decorations too. I've always wondered about people who decorate this early - seems like you'd be sick of it by the time the holidays actually get here. We don't decorate until after Thanksgiving and even that seems too early sometimes.
Enjoy your day!!


It was in the high 40's when I left for church this morning. That was 30 degrees colder than Saturday!

I hate to see people decorating this early, and I want to tell them "Get a life!"

My boss and his crew will start Christmas decor on 11-28 and go for nine straight days. Then I'll have to do my own at home, which is always an anticlimax for me.


The high here in Kansas was 64!

No, my Christmas decorations are not up...they will not be up this year, either. Since we are packing the week of December 15th, and leaving here on the 20th, Christmas is off (so to speak) for this year. But next year will be grand, in our own home, for the first time ever (in 11 years) in the South again!

Old Horsetail Snake

Nah, that can't be. Scamp makes the best pancakes in the world. Yums and Yums!


Too early ... definitely.
Should be Thanksgiving music ... is there such a thing?


i had gingerbread pancakes for breakfast yesterday, yum!

Robert V Sobczak

I had to stop at Publix on way home from work today. They were having a Holiday Party. Lots of food ... and my favorite type of wine: "free" samples. I say that jokingly, I'm not much of a wine drinker. The only modifier that comes to my mind when I drink it is "headache-ie" and "grape-y" ... Obviously it's wasted on me.

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