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December 12, 2008


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Cool pictures! We lived in Pinecrest for a bit, very close to Old Cutler; used to drive it every chance we got... it's awesome on the back of a Harley... ;)


You and Sam could be sistahs in that photo! Thanks for sharing the memories. One of my favorite memories of going there was riding our bikes through the mangroves. And most unfavorite was fainting while standing in line at the snack bar. I think you were there, do you remember? How amazing that you had the place to yourself on black Friday- you got a much better deal than anybody at the mall could:)


Wonderful photos Laura!

I would love to have a bunch of that coral rock!


Pam, I used to bike along that bike trail on Red Road along pinecrest. we must have lived near each other! I lived just North of Dante Fascell park.

Laura VSea

Laurie, I don't remember anyone fainting? Must have been from the heat?
The mangroves are still there, and the bike trail, too. Except now, you have to pay $5. for the car to drive through to the beach. It's free by bike, however.
The place pretty much looked exactly the same, which surprised me.

Dani, you'd need a backhoe, I think! ;)


Ah memories, I used to ride my bike there when I was a kid. I remember back in 1939 when the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps)built those buildings. The government hired out of work people to go around the country building. They sure did a good job. Good post. thanks for the memories.
Obama is planning something like that now to get our economy going.


Great shots!
Nice to hear good things about Miami.
Nice looking 3/4 family!
Which one is you again?


You were so close! My husband works at Matheson (but he was off the day you were there). I have only swam in the "piss pool" once. I know that sounds terrible, but that's what I grew up calling it. We always go to the wading beach and hunt for horseshoe crabs and rays. It's a nice place to kayak out of, too. Looks like it was a nice, quiet day when you were there. It's nice like that, isn't it?

jeff g

Nice pics, I remember it all; except the lizards.
We rode our bikes there all the time and played frisbee for hours. In the 70's we rented windsurfers on the far side of picture #3.
On a family picnic an alligator almost attacted us; I think someone from our group had been throwing chicken bones to him.


Thanks for those...just looking at 'em warmed me up!


Jeff, we were throwing marshmallows at it and when it smelled the chicken it decided to join us. We packed up and left fast. It was a big one. I read that they cleared that pond of all the gators. probably because of other dumb fools who were feeding it and it lost its fear of humans.

Old Horsetail Snake

Such a fine family foto! Usually there's one fud in these, but not here, no sirree.

Margaret Cloud

What a wonderful place, the photos of the palm trees makes it look like a tropical island, you were lucky to have grown up here and still do live here. Thanks for the photos, the snack bar looks like a neat place. Hope your Christmas was a good one.

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