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December 07, 2008


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Sandcastle Momma

"Find me the women who stood in the design studio while they fashioned all those rejected bras around her body. I don't know what she considered comfortable - she must have been a mannequin!"

LOL No truer words have ever been spoken LOL


Last summer, I went to Penney's armed with a coupon and knowing they were having a sale. I bought 2 bras that I decided were the best ever made - at least for me - and wore them for the next 3 months. Then another coupon arrived and I decided I was going to go back and buy a lifetime supply of them. Wouldn't you know it?? They had discontinued that style. I found 3-4 of them on the sale rack (at 70% off) and bought 4, but no store had any black ones left and I needed at least 2 more desperately. I am resigned to never finding a bra again that fits as well as these do! :-(


LOL! So true! I was lucky enough a couple years ago to find some at gap body. Hopefully, they won't get rid of the style anytime soon.


Titillating post ...

Bear seems to think these devices are excellent chew toys. This causes some people to rant and exclaim about the high price of containment.


Is there anything that Bear doesn't consider a chew toy? LOL!


I'm sure it was a man who designed them!

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