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January 10, 2009


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She looks as if she is in mourning; keening her little heart out.


Perhaps her lovelife took a tern for the worse.

(wacka, wacka)

Nice sharp shot!


Perhaps it was the sea lice between her toes!

Happy New Year Laura! :)


Took me a minute to see the head! Cool shot :-)


How do you know she's a she?


What! Who are you? Get off my foot! Oh wait! - A snack! Love your pictures! All of them!

Robert V Sobczak

And oldie but a goodie. It's funny what we leave behind in the archives. It's worthwhile to take a second look.

Account Deleted

she's a pretty one!

Sorry to hear about your camera flaking on you during your manatee visit...have you gotten it into the shop? It looked like you had some dirt on your sensor in some shots earlier. I hope you can get it fixed!


A great photo-I love the contrasts with that striking red beak.


Could she be asleep?

There's a poem for you at my place today.

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