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January 07, 2009


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Cool pics and post regardless of the pics that got away. Sorry to hear about your camera...I carry mine everywhere so I can imagine the pain of CD (Camera Dysfunction).

Wowsers those cobia!!


I love warm water, too, in fact, my pool can never get too hot for me!

"How would you like to float around, and have a cobia circle you endlessly?"

Was his name mr. kenju? That's how I feel some days.


Judy, I know how you feel, believe it or not. trust me on that one. lol.

FC, The cobia were huge, very well fed, apparently. They should consider building an underwater viewing center, somehow. (the cost of it notwithstanding...) ;)

I'm actually thinking of buying a point n shoot. I get tired of switching lens back and forth during photo shoots.


I'm so sorry about your camera, maybe Cannon has a list of places to send it to for repair?


I have that same error on my Canon!!! And I need to take it somewhere but haven't figured out where yet :-) There's a list on the back of the owner's manual, tho.

Nils Ling

Lovely pics - and yes, who could forget your kindness towards herons ;). Oh .. and YAY GATORS!


Dani, I've checked the phone book, but I've heard it's risky to have the camera cleaned by anyone but a pro. So I'm pretty much looking for references and recommendations at this point. Janet's suggestion, to check the back of the owner's manual through me for a loop. LOL! I'd checked the manual for cleaning and for info on the errors I was getting, but never thought to check it for the repair shops. I'll give it a second look, thanks Janet.

Nils, those herons are lucky to be alive... @#!@!
And how about them Gators!!!

tai haku

Do you know is this the same power plant I've seen on tv with the American crocodiles nesting nearby or a different wildlife heavy floridian power plant?

BTW a few months ago I was sat on the sand at 70 feet u/w with big cobia picking the little fish off from around me. It is an exciting but somewhat nerveracking experience.



Did you see a pink sippee cup floating around? My daughter dropped it in the water a few weeks ago and embarrassed me greatly!

Pacha Mama House

OOH! Manatees! This is the first manatee season in our new house and we were hoping to spot some - as neighbors promised past sightings. Alas, nothing yet. Guess they're all down at the power plant :)

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