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February 25, 2009


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Sandcastle Momma

I'm so sorry about Buddy. I love that you can think about it and know that as he crossed the bridge he could see. It's hard to lose such a beloved friend.
It sounds like taking Rico to the SPCA was the best thing for him as well as your other cats. We had to get rid of a young cat we'd gotten for our daughter because he did the same thing with our older cat. We felt like the older cat had earned Head Honcho status over the years and it wasn't fair for him to have to fight some young whipper snapper to maintain his place in the pack. You made a hard choice but a good one.
I hope your week gets better!


I'm so sorry Laura. Sending you lots of hugs. Email me if you ever just want to go walking and talking. :)


Oh, Laura, I'm so very sorry. I'm sobbing as if one of my own had gone to the Bridge. Sending prayers your way.



Awwww, Laura. I'm so sorry.


Man, I shouldn't have read this at work. I have 30 7th graders looking at me and wondering what's wrong.
I am so sorry Laura. Over the years, though we have never met, I've come to feel like I know your fine family and especially Buddy.
The fact that he was the favored boy was obvious everytime you wrote about him ... the love you feel for him always shined through the words.
Heck, I miss him and I never got to meet him.
To have this happen on top of Rico's leaving must have been crushing. Too much decision making, too much pain.
I always say every puppy is a future heartbreak, but the time until then makes it all worthwhile.
I fervently believe that, but it doesn't make the parting any easier.
I hope that you, your girls, and Rick are all dealing with this the best you can and that Buddy's happy memories soften the loss.
I'll be thinking of you with a lump in my throat.


I'm so sorry about Buddy :-(

And I'm hopeful that Rico will find a good home!


My heart aches for much in such a short time....

But if you remember the rest of the song you quoted in your title: Then you and I would simply fly away.

That's what will happen...someday.


I know how heart-wrenching it is to lose a pet, and to lose 2 in a short time, plus a child moving out, must be the most stressful time you can imagine. I hope you can see a silver-lining in all those clouds. You have my prayers and love.


You're right, Judy. There is a silver lining in the good memories we have and we're able to smile now when we think back on it. It was a rather stressful month for sure.

Linda, that is actually one of my favorite songs, one I couldn't get out of my mind for some reason!

Thanks Janet. I know you've had a rough time lately yourself and my heart goes out to you, mostly. Your Dad was a very good man and I can tell from your photos and stories he will be missed greatly. I think about you two probably more often than you know. :)

FC, I can only picture the looks on your student's faces. :) Through every post we all get to know each other a little bit more and I feel like I've been watching your kids grow up in some ways. And I still think about little Gumbo from time to time. Amazing how such a little dog could leave such a lasting impact on us!

Pammy, it's been a long time. You're one of my favorite long time bloggers that always cracks me up. Thank you for your wishes!

Pam, I just had a feeling you, of all people would understand as well. Maybe some day we'll get our own version of Breagha,hmm? :)

Dani, I definitely will do that!!! Thank you:)

SandyMomma, Our week is actually getting better a little at a time. I find myself setting aside pieces of meat for him, leaving the hall light on, thinking it's time for his shot, that sort of thing; but it's not as painful as it was at first. So we'll be ok. Thank you!!!!

Cathy S.

I am very sorry. That is a lot of loss in a short period of time. Praying for you.


Thanks for your story, sad as it was. Great pictures.


me and my puppies

Laura ~ I am so sorry for your loss. ~ Trish


oh, Laura. I am so sad to read this post. Like FC, I had come to know Buddy as an important member of your family- so loving and sweet. What a bad patch, Rico and then Buddy. One thing I've noticed about losing pets is that the grief is "good grief" in the sense that it is uncomplicated and simply sad and when it eases you do indeed have great memories and laughs and stories to tell about their antics. Take good care- and I'm glad you have Percy to hug.


I was just thinking about you. Big hugs.


I know this pain and I'm very sorry for you and your family. Dogs are so unconditional in their devotion. This title is superb and The Rainbow Bridge reference is comforting, too. Take care, Laura.

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