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March 19, 2009


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Beautiful pictures, Laura! :-)


My rain barrels went dry a long time ago. *Sigh*

Here's some of the natives that I've had good luck with in the sun: Pennyroyal, Palafoxia, Blanket flower, Yellowtop, Greeneyes and Goldenrod. I have seeds from most of them if you want to try growing them. Just let me know and I can drop them in the mail for you. :)


Sweet! You're back!

I think your terns might be wearing Ruddy Turnstone costumes, but I could be mistaken. Terns are sneaky that way.

Wishing you a pup (Lab vote) soon.


FC, is absolutely right! They are wearing Ruddy Turnstone costumes. I just lumped them into the Tern category in a fit of laziness.
Odd, too, because I actually have photos of the Ruddy birdstone on this site somewhereabouts.

And Labs are high on the list. (It's a short list. Only one breed is on it...)

Dani, great idea! I should come by and pick them up and see your pond!


That first shot, the flower? Is beautiful!!!


Yes, Ruddy Turnstones.


It's nice to know you're coming back.

I would never trust anything salespeople tell me about plants (in those stores).


Judy, you have to take it with a grain of salt! ;)

Thanks Paulie!

Sonia A. Mascaro

Beautiful photos, Laura!

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