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October 11, 2009


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WOW! I thought I might never see you here again! You can write about absolutely anything youw ant to, and I'll be here waiting!


Damn Girlfriend! WE HAVE MISSED YOU! Talk about ingrown toenails if ya want. We don't care cause you ROCK!

Sandcastle Momma

It's good to see you again! I agree with Dani, just visiting with you is nice so no matter what you have to say we'll enjoy it.


A little of this and a little of that is just fine with me! Great to see you blogging again! :D


~~doing the happy dance~~

Anything you got here, girl, I am happy to accept!


thought there was something WRONG with my RSS reader when it showed a post from you! So glad to see you back, and hope you stay awhile!!!!

Cathy S.

Welcome back. We missed you!


Well damn.
I did not give up, but had my doubts ... and then, a post!
Missed you.


Yaaaaay!! I was startin to get tired of readin about aphids. heh Glad you're back.


I would miss your blog if you discontinued it. Having grown up in Florida, I like visiting you here and seeing what is going on in your life (whether it pertains to Florida in general or not.)


wow!!! You have been away for a long time! Hope you're back for a bit :-)

I'm off to FL on Saturday...having a bit of Disney/Epcot/Universal fun :-)

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