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October 22, 2009


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Are you really dog-sitting TWO puppies?

Cathy S.

There's product caleld bitter apple that always worked for us. I am trying to get that image of a pomeranian mixed up with a BIG DOG and it's messing with my head even more than whale noises might!


You should have seen my cats when I got an email video of other cats meowing. They nearly went crazy trying to find another cat!!

Laura, VSea

Oana, no, LOL! Both dogs belong to my daughters. :)

Cathy, Thanks for the tip, I'll definitely look for it! The mom was a big dog and the father was the pomeranian. Hope to get the pics up today!

Judy, I used to have this link for a bird site, with chirping birds that my cats would go nuts over . If I find it I'll send it to you!

Sandcastle Momma

The image of you sitting there messing with the dogs by playing whale sounds just cracks me up. Too funny.


Play the sound of crinkling wrapper. That will get their attention.


Yesterday, I was at Poop and Boogies, and there he was saying he might drop away the writing for the blog.
So I left a comment saying that I already miss enough people who don't write these days, even naming Vitamin Sea, and then I decided to stop in over here, to find that I am mistaken, there ARE a couple new posts.

So, Welcome Back! and please don't go away again.

~~love and Huggs, Diane


Middle Son sent a story about a prank in a high school where students let loose three goats indoors.
On the animals sides was painted number 1, 2, and 4.
Authorities used up an entire day looking for number 3.


you REALLY should write a book. REALLY!!

Talk to the Nils.


errr... NOT Gail.... STALKER ;)


Mrs DoF LOLOL!!! that was hilarious!!

Gail ;pft LOL!


Well! About time there was a post here ;)

Yeah, yeah, me too ... I know!

Tried to do the whale sounds on the Bufflepup, but I've yet to get QT to work.

Cowboy Joe

Okay, that was funny. What was funnier is the number of times I have tried to do the same with my new dog. She was supposed to be a black lab crossed with a lab/chow mix. Uh huh, right. She looked like a lab puppy when we got her at 8 weeks, now at 7 months she looks like a small black shepherd. She seems smart sometimes, but other times, just totally duh.

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